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Ironwood Industrial Park Stormy Kromer


Work in Ironwood Three main centers of commerce and industry mark off the Ironwood economic landscape. The industrial park is home to manufacturing concerns involved in wood, plastic, fabric, and metal production/fabricating industries. Downtown Ironwood is the cultural and historic heart of the city, having in close community parks, restaurants, retail shops, office space, theater,…

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Ironwood Michigan Nordic Ski


Play in Ironwood Michigan’s Iron Belle Trail Starts and Ends in Ironwood! The Iron Belle trail starts here and runs to Belle Isle, down by Detroit. Whether you bike, run, walk, or snowshoe, this trail offers outstanding vistas of our town and surrounding forest landscapes. Ironwood is the starting “mile 0” of this trail, and…

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Ironwood Michigan Snowshoe


Live in Ironwood   City of Ironwood Parks & Playgrounds Ironwood is home to many parks and recreational opportunities. In addition to being the start of Michigan’s Iron Belle Trail, the Ironwood area has 5 Ski Hills, 100’s of miles of ski trails, 1,000’s of miles of snowmobile trails-all made possible and exciting as a…

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