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Who We Are

Who We Are

“Nurturing the tales of our past - Building new trails for our future”

Nestled in the wilds of Michigan and “big snow country,” Ironwood is a YEAR-ROUND DESTINATION that attracts residents and visitors alike. With WORLD-CLASS RECREATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES (from traditional activities like skiing and biking to emerging and innovative adventure sports); vibrant civic spaces and cultural institutions; thriving businesses; intriguing historical attractions; and a welcoming, safe, and collaborative atmosphere, Ironwood is a vibrant and unique small town where people come to enjoy the QUALITY OF LIFE.

Loosely translated as “strength of will” and “courage in the face of adversity,” the Finnish word “SISU” encapsulates the spirit of the Ironwood community. The ethos of “sisu” is evident in the stories of Ironwood’s past, from its early days as a mining town- to World War I where Ironwood residents gave their lives in service to this country. The same RESILIENT SPIRIT continues to drive Ironwood today, as community members work together to preserve and promote the prosperity, heritage, and beauty of the Ironwood community while forging NEW PATHS, uncovering NEW OPPORTUNITIES, and creating NEW STORIES for the future.

History of Ironwood