Building Department

The City maintains a building department which issues building permits and performs plan review for construction of all new buildings, garages, alterations, swimming pools, demolitions of buildings, and sundry repairs (replacement of siding, roofing, windows, decks, etc..) The fee for the permit is determined on the type of project. Electrical, plumbing, and heating permits are obtained through the State of Michigan. A building permit must be obtained prior to starting a construction project. The permit fee will be increased per Ordinance of City of Ironwood for starting jobs without first obtaining a building permit. A Certificate of Occupancy must be obtained and the building must pass final inspection before a building can be occupied. The Building Code, Chapter 7 of the City Code of Ordinances, regulates all building activity.

The Building department also provides support to the work of the Construction Board of Appeals (CBA). The CBA is a quasi-judicial board consisting of 7 members, as stated in Chapter 7 of the City Code of Ordinances. The Board decides matters brought before it which involve interpretation of any provision of the City’s building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and fire Codes. The CBA also acts as an advisory board to the City Commission. The Board meets as needed.

All rental property within the City of Ironwood has to be registered with the building department. The units must be inspected for compliance with the Ironwood City Code and a Certificate of Compliance is then issued. No one shall rent out property without first registering it.


The following are the Building Codes that are enforced by the City of Ironwood. All Code books are available for review at the Building Department, 213 S. Marquette St. They are also available for purchase through the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth, Bureau of Construction Codes, P.O. Box 30255, Lansing MI 48909, (517) 241-9313.

  • Michigan Residential Code, 2009 Edition. Used for one and two family dwelling construction.
  • Michigan Building Code, 2012 Edition, Used for multi-family, commercial, retail and industrial construction.
  • Michigan Rehabilitation Code for Existing Buildings, 2009 Edition, Used as an alternative code for existing building renovations

Climatic and Geographic Design Criterion

  • Ground Snow Load-60 (lb/ft2)
  • Wind Speed-90MPH
  • Seismic Design Category-A
  • Subject to damage from Weathering-Severe
  • Subject to damage from Frost Line Depth-42″
  • Subject to damage from Termites-Moderate to Heavy
  • Subject to damage from Decay-Slight to Moderate
  • Winter design temperature-15 (97 1/2% values)
  • Ice Shield Underlayment is Required
  • National Flood Insurance Program

Check a Builder’s License with the State of Michigan call 517-373-8376 or click on Bureau of Commercial Services.

Structure Demolition Incentive Program

The City of Ironwood has a program designed to incentivize demolition of deteriorated structures by offering financial reimbursment to City of Ironwood property owners.

Click here to download the application form:  Structure Demolition Incentive Program

Staff Contact

Dennis Hewitt
Building Inspector
906-932-5050 x 115
Fax: 906-932-5745
213 S. Marquette St.
Ironwood, MI 49938


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